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Darling I Love U Two


Vishal lived in a small city of Rajasthan Udaipur. He has 2 wives Simran and Ramkudi. Both his wives stay in different localities of Udaipur and both are unaware that they have a same husband. Vishal purposely dint do two marriages, he is a balika vadhu sorry "balak var". When he was three years old kid, his grandfather did his marriage with a one and a half year old Ramkudi. Vishal was unaware of his marriage with Ramkudi and did a second marriage with Simran. 

After twenty years his grandfather comes to Udaipur with Ramkudi and gave him a shocking news that Ramkudi is your wife. Here Vishal gets shocked but now what else could happen so he had rented one different apartment for Ramkudi and started staying with both of his wife's. But doo wife ke chakker idhar udhar bhaag bhaag kar is ki halat us local train jaisi hoo gayi hai jo subah char baje shuru hoti hai to phir sidha raat ko doo baje yard mai jakar hi chain ki saas leti hai.. Sometimes Simran watches Vishal with Ramkudi and Vishal very difficultly succeed in trying to explain Simran that Ramkudi is his friend's sister and he was just dropping her to hospital. 

Whereas sometimes Ramkudi doubts Vishal. Sometimes both his wife's decides to celebrates Vishal birthday and here Vishal gets trapped that how will he celebrate his birthday with both of them and like this daily a new drama is created.


30 Mins