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Mujhe Meri Family Se Bachao


Ask your kid at home what he thinks about you as parents and you will be surprised at how he interprets the happenings at home. And that is exactly what this show is all about. Its an insight into Sonu’s mind of what he perceives his family as. Like any other family, Sonu lives with his family of 5. Sonu himself, his loving father, who can never say no to either his wife not to his own mother, His mother and dadi who can never see eye to eye,sonu’s chacha who has his feminine side more stronger than the masculine , and not to miss the indispensable maid .

This is a humourous take from the point of view of a child at the regular everyday happenings and the relations in a family similar to most of us. It will not just invoke laughter  at the characters but also find us laughing seeing our  own situations come alive


30 mins